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Design and production enterprise "Most-Rekonstruktsia" Ltd. being a specialized organization in the field of transportation development, works out and implements projects, adjacent with the major activity. One of such projects is the establishment of a transport and logistic centre LOGOPARK in the town of Kotelnich in Kirov region. For this purpose one of the industrial sites of the enterprise (former ferroconcrete items plant) was marked out as legal entity with the following properties:

Geographical location LOGOPARK (Kotelnich)

Location Russia, Kirov region, Kotelnich, ul. Depovskaya 9V
Traffic intersection

1. Railway: Kotelnich is situated on the track section of Trans-Siberian railway line (section of the Kirov department of Gorkovskaya railway of the branch of JSC "Russian Railways"). In the western direction the railway line goes towards Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, etc., in the eastern direction - towards Kirov, Perm, Siberia and the Far East. Besides, the main line of the Northern railway of the JSC "Russian Railways' adjoins Kotelnich, which runs to Arkhangelsk, St.Petersburg and the Baltic States. The nearterm plans include construction of the section of the railway Kotelnich-Yaransk, which will allow to connect Kotelnich with Yoshkar-Ola and Kazan, and, in addition, to connect the Northern and the Southern parts of the Gorkovskaya railway with a shorter route than the existing one.
2. Motor roads: through Kotelnich the federal motor road "Vyatka" runs, whose route lies through Cheboksary, Kotelnich, Kirov, Syktyvkar lies. There are a number of motor roads of regional subordinance with direction towards Moscow and Perm.

Production basis

Industrial site can be reconstructed into transport and logistic centre

1. The industrial site is the former ferroconcrete items plant.
2. The ground area of 11,18 ha is enclosed with the reinforced concrete fence.
3. There is a dead-end-track, adjoining the railway tracks of common use at the station Kotelnich-2 of the Kitrov department  of the  Gorkovskaya railway  of the  JSC "Russian Railways". The track miles make 1878,7 running meters. The stretch of railway tracks from the industrial site to the tracks of the JSC "Russian Railways" makes 631,8 running meters. At present on the industrial site three units of rolling stock of railway transport can be simultaneously loaded/unloaded. There is an on-site locomotive depot.
4. Electric supply is carried out through the on-site electric power line of 10kV. At present the installed capacity is 1630 kVA, TP-1 1000 kVA, TP-2 630 kVA, besides there is idle TP-3 1000 kVA.
5. The cranage is represented by nine bridge cranes with carrying capacity from 5 to 20 tons.
6. In property there is an artesian well. The depth is 114 m. Discharge of water is 8 cub.m /hour.

Buildings and construc-tions

1. Administrative building. 4 floors, the total usable area 2696,8 sq.m
2. Reinforcement shop. Total usable area 2190 sq.m.
3. Moulding shop. 3 bays, total usable area 8842,6 sq.m
4. Mechanical repair department. Total usable area 986,4 sq.m.
5. Parking lot. Total usable area 545,3 sq,m.
6. Integrated products storage area (in the open). Usable area 7734,4 sq.m.
7. A number of other usable and idle buildings and constructions

Current activities At present in the moulding shop the line for round wood processing is mounted and operated, in the basis of which the technology of round and band sawing lies. The main kind of product – edge surfaced lumber of various assortment of transport and natural humidity. Besides, there is a planning line. In the moulding shop the boiler room and drying complex are built anew. In the boiler room 3 heating boiler of grade KVS-0,8 are installed operating with wooden waste. The boiler room power is sufficient for the operating of drying complex and for heating of the administrative building.
Share in the property 100%

The project of creation of the LOGOPARK (transport and logistic center in Povolzshje) using the existing infrastructure of the industrial site assumes its conversion within the shortest possible time. The use of other advantages of the industrial site will allow LOGOPARK to become one of the leading transport and logistic centres of the region.

Main buildings and constructions of the former concrete products plant Scheme of the LOGOPARK TERRITORY

Advantages of LOGOPARK

The advantages of LOGOPARK – the future transport and logistic centre

1. The presence of infrastructure:
a) active railway track:
- 680 meters to the station;
- the usable length of the railway tracks on the territory of the site makes 767 m;
- the total length of the railway tracks on the territory of the site makes 1880 m.
b) sufficient amount of electrical energy
2. Direct proximity to federal motor roads and the section of Trans-Siberian railway line
3. Beneficial configuration of the ground area - it is not outstretched;
- the railway divides the territory in two parts;
- the configuration of the land plot and the railway track allows to arrange a covered elevated track for simultaneous processing of not less than 5-6 railway cars in direct order railway car;
- storehouse;
- the ground area is in property;
- the area of the land is 11,18 ha; there is a possibility of extension up to 25-30 ha.
4. The possibility of arrangement of not less than 45000 sq.m of covered storehouses for distribution and redistribution, and for the custom registration of the cargoes.
5. The possibility of arrangement of the open container platform (not less than 3000 TEU)
6. The possibility of arrangement on the fenced territory of the parking lot for 50 trucks and arrangement beyond the fenced territory of the parking lot for 20-30 trucks.

Stage of the project implementation
search of investors

Contact information
Telephone; +7 912 728 8176, +7 (8332) 32 06 95

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